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Monthly Archives: January 2024

Grilled pork and more danger than cancer

“Tonight, let’s have grilled pork. ” When do friends hang out together? You only need to have grilled pork. Because in addition to being able to eat all you can I’m full until tomorrow morning. Still affordable Think about the price and have to second. Oh wow, it’s more than worth

What can the color of our snot tell us about our health?

Whenever I have a cold, I always have mucus. Both clear water with viscous mucus Whiteish-greenish-yellow Different mucus colors What can you tell us about our health ? Let’s see. Why is mucus colored? To indicate the nature of our health? The color of our mucus tells us about our health. Because the color

5 winter epidemics All ages should be careful.

Even though in the winter our house is not that cold. But there is a winter epidemic. that all genders and ages should be careful of Especially young children, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases. Must be careful of illness You can get vaccinated and keep your health strong. ufabet Groups at