Alan Shearer has questioned the value of Jack Grealish

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Amazon Prime ufabet Sports analyst Alan Shearer has questioned the value of Manchester City attacker Jack Grealish over £100million. When the last time I created any homework.  He play with fear of missing the game against Brentford 1-0 yesterday.

Green Leach set a new record in the British Isles as the most expensive player ever on the move from Aston Villa to Rieti fence Ittihad Stadium on the past summer.  

which counts from the game’s debut luxury to score one goal From then on, the 26- year- old star kicked off the pressure until it became incomprehensible. Emphasis on playing safe rather than showing off the trademark whizzing ball like when wearing the ‘ Aston villa ‘ uniform.

Alan Shearer has questioned the value of Jack Grealish

That’s why the famous analysts had a question mark if the dozens of footsteps as they are today. Why would you buy it for 9 digits of pounds?  

” Everything Grealish does is safety first and very basic, ” Shearer added before the opening goal.

“ It looked like he was afraid of losing possession of the ball more than dare to bet That’s not what was transmitted from the Pepsi dry naturally because he let his play with confidence . “

“ It’s enough to understand that Grealish comes down to help the defense game when the team doesn’t have possession of the ball. But playing for Man City gives him more room to express himself than he does. ” 

“ That guy used to be dangerous for Aston Villa , dribbling through a few defenders , calling fouls well.  And he find an opportunity to chop the trigger. But yesterday’s work focuses on safety first. ”

“ He only made short passes, four or five yards the whole game. Even though he should dare to declare himself to be the star of this team. For me, I don’t think it’s wrong that ‘ Blues ‘ are willing to pay £ 100 million. But when they are expensive, they want to see some quality. ” 

Grealish played 21 games in all competitions for City, scoring three goals , providing three assists in a long-term defensive role at the back.