Can’t stop?! Program to sue Manchester City to win

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Can’t stop?! Program to sue Manchester City to win in a row until the end of the season.

In addition to defeating Arsenal in a beautiful way on Wednesday Manchester City pending program also says they are eligible to go on to win 14 consecutive long shots until the end of the season. to win the Premier League title in the end

In fact, the Blues have lost quite a bit of 4 Premier League games this season. But the latest defeat has occurred since the beginning of February, with a loss to Tottenham Hotspurs 0-1 and from then on they were unbeaten.

The important thing is that Manchester City have won 7 consecutive games in a row from the 4-1 Bournemouth game on February 25. Which was able to defeat all opponents at the top of the line, such as the compression game. Newcastle 2-0, defeated Liverpool 4-1, invaded Southampton 4-1 or yesterday that retaliated against Arsenal 4-1.

Seven wins in a row means their form is reaching the top. As well as the high confidence of the group of players, resulting in Man City having a chance to continue winning in the remaining 7 games.

Another important factor is that Man City won’t have to face another top-flight opponent in the remaining queue. Starting from this Sunday to go out to visit Fulham if they win according to the standard Will overtake the crowd to become the leader instead of Arsenal immediately and still have 1 remaining game left in hand

If victorious in all seven of their final games, City will go on to win the title three times in a row with a remarkable run of 14 wins in a row, although they are yet to break their own record of 18 consecutive wins in the Premier League. During Aug. – Dec. 2017

The remaining Premier League program of Manchester City

30/04 away Fulham
03/05 home West Ham United
06/05 home Leeds United
14/05 away Everton
21/05 home Chelsea
24 /05 away Brighton & Hove Albion
28/05 away Brentford