Chelsea fans have a dream! “Anche” insists Eden Hazard will prove it next season.

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that. Fragile winger Eden Hazard has told him he wants to challenge for next season to prove his worth. That makes the current link to return to work at Chelsea has become barren.

The 31 – year-old moved from ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ to ‘ White King ‘ in the summer of 2019 for € 100m. But besides being unable to exude the same venom as he was at Stamford Bridge. UFABET He is also frequently injured. 

Until recently, there were rumors the Belgian star would return to play with Chelsea on loan for next season. And then it’s the duty of ‘ Anche ‘ to overcome the candle-sitting issue by himself.  

“ His plans are pretty clear : that guy will continue to play here. And try to do it with great motivation because Eden had a hard time last year. ”

“ So you want to show quality. ” 

” Eden Hazard plans are clear. He will be with us next season. ” 

In Madrid for the 3rd year , Hazard hasn’t had any season yet. The record has reached 25 games , like 2021-22 , kicking 22 matches, every item scoring one goal.

Offensive performance

Eden Hazard may be subject to a lot of criticism for his selfish playing in football. But did you know that he wasn’t the one who took the chance at all? Because it has been revealed that since Hazard came to play in the Premier League since 2012-present. Hazard has only missed 35 golden opportunities. And compared to Mohamed Salah during his two seasons with Liverpool, he missed 39 golden chances.