Don’t take a big cabinet! Juventus fans show their strength

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Juventus fans gather in front of the club Show power, do not want the love team to grab Romelu Lukaku, the troubled spearhead from Chelsea.

Lukaku’s future remains a question mark Initially expected to prepare to move back to Inter Milan, but it turns out that Juventus is now a favorite. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“Python” decided to withdraw from the deal after learning that

The 30-year-old Belgian striker spoke privately to Juventus, with Max Allegri looking at him as a replacement. Played 97 games for Inter in Serie A, scoring 57 goals, plus one Scudetto, however

Lukaku seems to have received a poor reception on Monday with Juventus fans. Herodotus gathered in front of the club medical center.

“We don’t need Lukaku,” the crowd shouted. As star Federico Chiesa walks into the building

Not only the supporters, but former 1980s Juventus star Massimore Mauro also voiced his disapproval of his former club signing Lukaku

. But I don’t want a player like Lukaku in our team, he used to say in the press not to wear black and white,” the legendary midfielder began

. Allegri more than Cristiano Giuntoli (new director of football) ′′ ′′

I still believe in building a team. You have to start with loyalty to the club. and a unique attitude.”