Jorginho hopes Premier League made five substitutions

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Chelsea midfielder Jorginho calls for Premier League football England made five substitutions for the benefit of the players and the fun of the game.

         This change was introduced in 2020 following a recent lockdown in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most leagues allow 5 substitutions, while the Premier League retains 3 substitutions.

         Previously, there were many voices calling for an increase in substitutions in the elite league, with Jorginho’s latest call in the matter again.

         “It was very difficult because we didn’t have time to rest. We have to play every three days and we can only make three substitutions and it’s crazy that we didn’t make five,” Jorginho told beIN Sports. 

         “In my opinion, it’s too much. We have to do something about it because if it continues like this. We will have more players injured and perhaps the quality of the game will also decrease. So it’s definitely not the best for entertainment.”

         “Maybe England should take a look at this.”