Nice precision knocks PSG out of the French Cup

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Paris Saint-Germain He was knocked out of the French Cup. After losing to Nice in the last-16 penalty shoot-out on Monday.

PSG had Lionel Messi fit in the attack alongside Mauro Icardi and Julian Draxler. But were missing several players for the national team. While Nice led. by Casper Dolberg 

The game started in the first 17 minutes. Nice had a chance to win first from Amin Guiri’s late shot in front of the penalty area. But the ball didn’t go into the frame. 

Five minutes later. PSG UFABET responded to Ander Herrera giving Marco Verratti a shot from the right in the box. But the ball fell behind the post

PSG had the opportunity to inform again in the 45th minute Verratti got the ball on the left side before passing Messi to catch the right shot on the left. But the weight was not strong enough to pass the hands of Nice goalkeeper Walter Benitez, finishing the first 45 minutes 0-0. 

In the second half, Nice should have scored the most in the 47th minute, Amin Guiri passed the ball to Justin Kluivert, snatched him into the left box before shooting a narrow angle, but Gianluigi Donna. Rumma closes corners well and protects them.

PSG had a chance in the 71st minute from a corner kicked by substitute Kylian Mbappe. But there is a block before the ball crosses the line. 

Then the two teams could not penetrate the goal, resulting in the 90-minute tie, 0-0, having to determine the winner with a penalty shootout immediately, which appeared that Nice shot more accurately than won 6-5 after a duel on all sides. Seven apiece, with two Parisians who missed out, Leandro Paredes and youngster Xabi Simons French Cup.