Nigel de Jong urged Manchester United to dealing with their players.

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Former Holland midfielder Nigel de Jong has urged Manchester United to emulate Arsenal in dealing with their players.

As a result of the 1-1 draw with Newcastle in the latest Premier League game, the Daily Mail has revealed the situation within the Red Devils has been divided among the clubs, particularly Christiania. Noah Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes, who have clearly shown symptoms that have been heavily criticized.

In De Jong’s view, United need someone who has the absolute power to deal with difficult situations, just as Mikel Arteta dealt with Pierre-Emerick Aubame. Young

“At Arsenal, there is some DNA in the club and that’s for everyone to see – even if they’re going through tough times on the pitch,” De Jong told Ladboks.

“They always try to give the young players a chance. That’s just part of their DNA. It’s been magnified since Mikel Arteta took over, he’s the guy who always gives the young players the opportunity to step up into the first team.

Nigel de Jong urged Manchester United to dealing with their players.

“They are not afraid to make big decisions as a club to get experienced players out of the squad to win the hearts of the youngsters. I think it’s something to give Arteta a lot of credit, but also the board behind him.”

“Don’t get me wrong. There was a time when he almost lost his job as well and the results were excellent to some extent. But the team held on to him. Despite the current and pressure coming in He was also given a chance.”

“It’s a statement that’s not just about the media. It’s like, ‘Listen, you guys can moan about anything. But we will stick with this manager. So you guys stick to his way of playing or move on.’”

“Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is their captain and has firsthand experience. Even though he is the captain But it broke the rules and that meant he had to go. That’s something you don’t see at Manchester United.”

“Earlier, Pep Guardiola did the same with Jack Grealish and Phil Foden, it was an order. It’s about getting everyone at the club to understand each other. Try to accomplish things as a team.”

“That’s something I don’t see from United at the moment. There was no one there to put some players in their place. There must be someone who isn’t afraid to say, ‘Hey mister, I don’t want to see your face in the next two weeks, go and review things. When you think you’re ready to come back, but now I’m going to give the U23s a chance. eager and thirsty And I’ll give him a chance.’” According to reports by ufabet