Pep has won the Premier League title in Manchester City hands

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Pep has won the Premier League title in Manchester City hands

No need to keep symptoms anymore, Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, clearly confirms that this time his team has turned the situation into a side that has a chance to win the Premier League 2022/23 more than the leader of the crowd like Arsenal. Then, after opening the house, the big guns were demolished 4-1 last Wednesday.

This latest game at the Etihad Stadium, Arsenal still dropped their names here for the eighth successive game after Manchester City took the lead just eight minutes from Kevin De Bruyne. Before then going long with goals from John Stones, second seed De Bruyne and Erling Braut Haaland. While Arsenal did their best just to hit the ball. Breaking at the end from Rob Holding.

The victory moved City two points closer to Arsenal, with the defending champions having played two games less, meaning if they didn’t miss out on their last seven games, Guvar’s team Diola will win three consecutive Premier League titles. And also will be the champion for the 5th time from the last 6 seasons as well

Man City will immediately overtake the crowd. If they beat Fulham on Sunday, April 30. When Arsenal have no program this weekend, and Pep said, “We can’t. Losing focus on its own, now it [Premier League title] is in our hands.

“The next three games will be decided. Whether we can do. What we want to do or not The fact that we are still behind Arsenal.

“It will not be an easy task for us. But it will be in a game-by-game manner. Let’s see what will happen which when it is in our hands We must not let it slip away.”