Victor Lindelof has upadte his situation for coronavirus

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Victor Lindelof, the Manchester United centre-back, has released a statement showing that he has tested positive for coronavirus. Detained for a few more days and then returned to practice for the agency to fight for the new year’s queue.

The 27- year-old has missed the start of the week ‘s 1-1 draw with Newcastle on Thursday because he tested positive for the coronavirus. Separate quarantine according to health / safety measures.  

Recently , Lindelof uses his own Instagram account to report the progress that has been greatly improved. Wait for the full term detention or a PCR test result is negative, the second time around 24 hours will be allowed to return to practice training center Carrington.  

“ Hello everyone, I just wanted to give you a short greeting. First of all, thank you send me all the encouragement to 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days after this ” Story of IG @ Victorlindelof.

“ I read it all. So I want to say that I’m very grateful. Thank you very much for that. ” 

“ At this time, I’m in detention. I feel fine and hope to be able to reunite with my comrades as soon as possible. ” 

Linder Love my health problems, disturbed the whole month of December . C . The game beat Norwich 1-0 , it is not complete because atrial fibrillation is not usually found. But most recently, the matter was cleared that there was no problem.