Causes of sore throat without fever that you should know.

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A sore throat without a fever can be caused by irritation or inflammation within the throat. Which various health problems can cause a sore throat without a fever, such as

1. Strep throat

Viral or bacterial infections that cause various health problems. Such as the common cold  and streptococcal strep throat can cause strep throat. Which most often occurs along with fever. But sometimes a fever may not occur with strep throat.  UFABET 

The main symptom of strep throat is a sore throat and may have other symptoms as well. Depending on the type of virus or bacteria causing the disease.

2. Laryngitis

Without fever can be caused by laryngitis.  This may be cause by using too much sound. Shouting for a long time Or it may be cause by an infection in the larynx area. Laryngitis can cause symptoms such as sore throat, hoarseness  , loss of voice, dry throat, dry cough .

3. Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis  is a condition that results from a viral or bacterial infection in the tonsils. which is a gland located at the base of the tongue In some cases. You may feel without having a fever. But some people may also have a fever. The symptoms of tonsillitis may be noticed by symptoms such as swollen and red tonsils. It hurts to swallow food. White or yellow stains around the tonsils. 

4. Allergies

Allergies can cause a sore throat and no fever. And can occur from contact with various allergens such as fur, dust mites,  and pollen. These allergens may stimulate the body to produce secretions to trap the allergens. And may cause symptoms of nasal congestion. As some secretions may flow down the throat and causes coughing to expel secretions or phlegm. Coughing frequently can cause a sore throat but no fever.