What can the color of our snot tell us about our health?

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Whenever I have a cold, I always have mucus. Both clear water with viscous mucus Whiteish-greenish-yellow Different mucus colors What can you tell us about our health ? Let’s see.

Why is mucus colored? To indicate the nature of our health?

The color of our mucus tells us about our health. Because the color of your mucus can tell you what kind of germs your immune system is fighting. How heavy is it? Have symptoms of infection Or is it inflamed? Or what must you encounter?

Why do we have mucus?

Mucus is usually clear, colorless, odorless, and may be slightly viscous. It is composed of water, protein, antibodies (antibodies), and dissolved salts. (Like what is found in tears. Who has ever had tears or mucus enter the mouth? You will feel a slightly salty taste.) Mucus will flow out to prevent the nose from becoming too dry. and protect from breathing air mixed with dust and dust or a small foreign body into the lungs

The appearance of mucus indicates disease

Clear snot

The mucus is clear, colorless and rather watery. Maybe from crying or a slight cold The mucus that comes out helps moisturize the inside of the nasal cavity. Not too dry This type of mucus can go away on its own without taking medicine.

Thick mucus

If the mucus is thick and sticky Or is it more viscous than clear water? It may start to be a sign that our body is starting to have an allergic reaction to something, such as an allergy to flower pollen. or certain types of food

Mucus is thick, green or yellow.

If there is mucus that is thicker than before And there is also a green or yellow color. There may be a possibility that the immune system in the body has started to work. Activating the immune system’s working mode is to start gathering energy from white blood cells White blood cells contain enzymes that make mucus green or yellow.

Period of mucus

However, if you have thick green mucus, or yellow for 2-3 days or more, that means you are having the flu. (type infected with a virus) if symptoms improve The mucus will gradually It goes away within 10-14 days, but you should still take medicine. And drink lots of water. To help the immune system work better If the mucus doesn’t clear up within a few weeks, it may mean you may have complications such as fever, sinusitis, pain, swelling, or pneumonia. Therefore, you should immediately see a doctor for a physical examination. and proceed with proper treatment

In addition to the color and appearance of mucus , the color and appearance of stool can also tell us about our health. If you want to know, read on.