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Jorginho hopes Premier League made five substitutions

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho calls for Premier League football England made five substitutions for the benefit of the players and the fun of the game.          This change was introduced in 2020 following a recent lockdown in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most leagues

Atletico Madrid players split into individual training

Atletico Madrid players split into individual training on day one while awaiting results for ‘COVID-19’ PCR tests. Atletico Madrid returned to training on Wednesday afternoon. Rather, it will be a separate training session pending the results of the ‘COVID-19’ PCR tests on Thursday. According to a report

Reece James suffered a hamstring injury

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has revealed that wing-back Reece James suffered a hamstring injury. After being substituted in Wednesday night’s 1-1 draw with Brighton.          The England international was substituted off the pitch in the 27th minute of the game after team

Victor Lindelof has upadte his situation for coronavirus

Victor Lindelof, the Manchester United centre-back, has released a statement showing that he has tested positive for coronavirus. Detained for a few more days and then returned to practice for the agency to fight for the new year’s queue. The 27- year-old has missed the start of the